Hotmail Vs Outlook 2014

Microsoft’s very popular free web based email service is Hotmail service that has been in service since 1996. The aging Hotmail has been a flurry of changes recently and the latest one is the, a brand new web based email service that is just not looking to take over Hotmail service, but also looking to prove to be a big player in the overall email web based service. The new is not just an ordinary email service provider, but is one that integrates a lot of social networks in its service like: Skype video chat, SkyDrive and Office Web apps. Microsoft through this new web based email service is also looking to give its closest rivals Google and Yahoo a good run for its money.

outlook 2014 vs hotmail Vs Hotmail

There are many new features added to the all new Outlook 2014 vs hotmail web based email service than what you had earlier got with Microsoft’s Hotmail email service. The following are the new additions that you will find in the email service.

  • The first advantage that you can enjoy by shifting to email account is you will automatically get access to 7GB free cloud storage space which is not just offered by Hotmail, but also not offered by any of the other competitors.
  • You also have the option to purchase additional cloud storage space through SkyDrive by paying a subscription and this will help many businesses who are well connected with their network through the internet.
  • You will be able to easily and conveniently access your email account through the tablet, Smartphone, PC or any Windows 8 device than the earlier Hotmail account.
  • offers you the option to add other email accounts to your email account Read More…

A general introduction to using

If you want to use an advanced multifunctional email service, then is the best option for you. It gives you a huge variety of practical features and the opportunity to communicate with everyone on your contact list in more ways than one. Find out how to create Gmail account, how to start using this service and how to make full use of its features.

gmail google mail

Creating an Account

You simply need to visit and click on the Gmail icon which is found at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then you need to fill out the form for creating an account. You need to enter your preferred username, your name and a basic set of personal detail.

You are asked to provide your mobile phone number for security purposes and for retrieving your password in case you forget it. You should definitely leave your phone to ensure that your account and the data in it will not be lost. Filling out the form will take you no more than a minute.

google gmail


Once you enter your Gmail account, you will be automatically taken to your inbox. This inbox has three sections: Primary, Social and Promotions. This is done so that the different types of emails that you get can be sorted out. In order to open an email, you simply need to click on it. If you want to send an email, you need to click on the compose button, which is on the top left-hand side corner of the screen. A smaller window for composing the email will open. Once you are done composing it, you need to click on the Send button.

inbox new tab

In order to log out, you need to click on the blue icon at the top right-hand side corner of the screen and then on the Sign Out button. These are the very basics of using this service. You can readily take a tour and go through the service-generated emails to learn how to utilize all of the available features.

Gmail Sign In

gmail sign in

The gmail login is simple. You need to click on the service’s icon at the main Google page to go to the login page. There you need to enter your new email address and your password. Typically, the email address appears automatically for convenience.


This instant messenger service has replaced Gmail Talk. It gives you the opportunity to have a live chat with everyone on your contact list no matter what device you are using. You simply need to go to the chat bar on the left-hand side of the screen and choose the contact details of the person that you want to talk to. You can use the voice and video chat features as well.

New Features

The integration of Gmail with Google Drive is finally here and it is even more functional than expected. You can save attached files directly on Drive without downloading them to your computer. You simply need to go to the attachment previews and click over the Drive button which is floating on top. That way, the files will go automatically to the online application. You can organize them in folders for maximum convenience.

google drive integration gmail

Do not miss to explore and utilize all of the functional and fun Gmail features. Click here to create gmail account sign up.

Zapak mail the most basic email client available online

Zapak Mail was the simplest kind of email service provider that was available. No frills, no show, no added colors and advantages, Zapak Mail offered only the basic emailing service and nothing else. Unlimited storage and a POP access were perhaps the only good thing to say about this service provider. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, is no longer in service.

zapak mailcom

  • The main advantage of Zapak Mail is that it could be accessed via a rich web interface and using a POP.
  • Unlimited online storage allows all the mails to be saved.
  • Only one of the Mail’s web interfaces allows some extra stationery that is pre-set and colorful.